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Rorion Gracie
Inducted Jan 1,2009

Rorion Gracie is voted in as seiowamma’s first hall of famer. Rorion Gracie is a martial artist and a prominent member of the Gracie Family. He is the eldest son of Helio Gracie and one of the few people in the world to hold a 9th degree -black belt or "red belt" in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu receiving that promotion on Oct 27,2003 from his father. Gracie was one of the founders of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. His vision for the production was to never shy away from violent spectacle. In keeping with the gladiatorial roots of combat sport, Gracie designed the original Octagon. He is founder and owner of the Gracie Academy in Torrence California.

Pat Miletich
Inducted July 1,2009

Miletich Fighting Systems was founded in 1997 by Pat Miletich, who was born and raised in the small town of Bettendorf, Iowa. Pat has a long history in sports and martial arts training. His credentials include all-state in wrestling and football, blackbelts in Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, a U.S. Muay-Thai kickboxing title, undefeated in professional boxing, and a 5x Mixed Martial Arts world champion.

Miletich started his MMA training at age 26. Prior to this age, Miletich trained at Nick Tarpein's School of Martial Arts in Davenport, Iowa where he learned much of what he knows about karate. Miletich was largely influenced in his boxing aspirations by his uncle, Johnny "Miler" Miletich. Johnny Miletich was a member of the U.S. boxing squad at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles and also fought professionally. Pat Miletich trained with coach Alvino Peña at the Davenport Boxing Club. A friend from Chicago who refereed his kickboxing matches got him into a Renzo Gracie seminar. After training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) for a year, the same friend then got him into the Battle of the Masters, a MMA tournament held in Chicago in 1995.

He continued fighting at smaller events and enjoyed success. He was undefeated through 15 fights before losing to Matt Hume. Three fights later Miletich fought in UFC 16 and won the first UFC lightweight tournament. At UFC 17.5: Ultimate Brazil, Miletich defeated Mikey Burnett to become the first UFC lightweight (under 200 lbs) champion. The UFC changed the weight class limits again in 2001, and Miletich became the champion of the new welterweight division.

Currently, Pat Miletich runs the Miletich Fighting Systems gym in Bettendorf, Iowa. A premier MMA training academy where Miletich has trained and coached 11 UFC world champions. Miletich also coaches the two-time IFL champions, the Quad City Silverbacks. In the first national broadcast on May 21, 2006, his team beat Bas Rutten's Los Angeles Anacondas 4-1. Miletich returned to MMA action on December 11, 2008, defeating Thomas Denny by knock out.

Miletich holds a third degree black belt in Shuri-ryu karate. He has also trained with Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Sergio Monteiro and was awarded his BJJ black belt by Oswaldo Alves.

UFC Welterweight Champion (5 Time Defending)
UFC 16 Lightweight Tournament Champion
Founder of Miletich Fighting Systems (MFS)
Trainer of 11 World Champions and over 70 PPV and TV Fighters
Head Coach of the International Fight League (IFL) Silverbacks

Matt Hughes
Inducted Jan 1,2010

Stuck with the homer theme for the third inductee in the seiowamma Hall of Fame. But that does not mean he is not deserving with the following accomplishments.

* Most wins in the UFC (16) (tied with Chuck Liddell)
* 2x UFC Welterweight Champion
* 2x 6 fight win streaks in the UFC
* NJCAA All-American Team
* 2x NCAA Division I All-American Team
* Defeated all but one (Pat Miletich) of the other UFC Welterweight Champions
* Most UFC title defenses (7)
* Most consecutive title defenses (5) (tied with Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz)
* Most wins in the Welterweight division

Randy Couture
Inducted July 1,2010

Randy Duane Couture is an American mixed martial artist, Greco-Roman wrestler, actor, a three-time former heavyweight champion and a two-time light-heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Couture is one of only two UFC fighters to have held a championship title in two different divisions (heavyweight and light heavyweight; B.J. Penn, with his titles at welterweight and lightweight, is the other) in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as well as the only five-time champion in UFC history. Couture has competed in 15 title fights, a record. Couture is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame and many consider him to be the most popular fighter in MMA history.

Couture was an Olympic wrestling alternate, and has lived in Corvallis, Oregon throughout much of his career, where he served as an assistant wrestling coach and a strength and conditioning coach for Oregon State University. He established Team Quest with Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson, a training camp for fighters, based out of Gresham, Oregon, and headed by coach Robert Folis. In 2005 Couture moved to Las Vegas, where he opened his own extensive chain of gyms under the name Xtreme Couture. He currently trains at his Las Vegas-based gym. Couture also partnered with Bas Rutten in the opening of Legends Gym in Hollywood, California.

Couture is generally recognized as a clinch and ground-and-pound fighter who uses his wrestling ability to execute take downs, establish top position and successively strike the opponent on the bottom. Couture has also displayed a variety of skills in boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; submitting three opponents using different chokeholds. Couture is the only athlete in UFC history to win a championship after becoming a Hall of Fame member and is the oldest title holder ever (in the UFC and MMA). Along with Chuck Liddell, Couture is widely credited for bringing mixed martial arts into the mainstream of American pop culture and sports.